Organization Structure

For day to days management of OBP Director, Programme Co-ordinator, Asst. Programme Co-ordinator, Administrative Officer, Office Superintendent, Sr. Assistant, Jr. Assistant, Accountant, Data Entry Operator, Jr. Librarian, Jr. Stenographer, Typist, Diarist, Peon and alongwith a Watchman total 31 posts have been created.

  • Director : Shri Satyabrata Sahu (IAS)
  • Programme Co-ordinator (4) : Vacant
  • Accounts-cum-Adm. Officer : Vacant
  • Assistant Programme Co-ordinator (2): Vacant
  • Office Superintendent : Shri Indramani Tripathy





Managed by one Jr. Asst.

Jr. Librarian 






Senior Assistants


Managed by one Jr. Asst.

Junior Assistants



Senior Stenographer 



Jr. Stenographer



Data Entry Operator




















  • Dr. K.C. Tikayatray – 01.02.2006 to 31.01.2007
  • Sri Bailadu Panigrahi (In-charge) – 01.02.2007 to 07.02.2007
  • Prof. Dr. Sebak Tripathy (In-charge) – 08.02.2007 to 31.12.2008
  • Dr. Prafulla Kumar Rath - 31.12.2008 to 31.12.2010
  • Dr. Pradipta Kumar Barik (In-charge)  - 07.01.2011 to 03.08.11
  • Dr. Harihar Kanungo – 03.08.2011 to 22.01.13
  • Dr. Prasanna Kumar Mohanty – 23.01.2013 to 12.09.14
  • Sri Hadibandhu Singhsardar, IAS (In-charge) – 12.09.2014 to 11.01.16
  • Dr. Tamasarani Dasmohapatra, (In-charge) – 11.01.2016 to 31.03.20
  • Dr. Bhagyalipi Mall (In-charge) – 01.04.2020 to continuing 


Director :

  1. State Govt. shall appoint an eminent learned person as Director of the Pratisthan. He must have special mastery in Odia Language and literature and sufficient knowledge about different region of the state and he must be capable to guide Odia Bhasa Pratisthan.
  2. The appointment of Director shall be placed before the Executive Committee for approval.
  3. Director shall be head the chief executive of Pratisthan and his power, duties and responsibilities shall be decided by the Executive committee from time to time.
  4. The duty of the Director is to supervise and control all research, training, publication and academic work, which are undertaken by the Pratisthan. In addition, all routine works of the Odia Bhasa Pratisthan shall be under his supervision, control and direction.
  5. The Director shall work on the direction of the Executive Committee and shall be responsible to Executive Committee for his work. He shall abide by the decision of the Executive Committee faithfully and implement the rules, regulation and rules for transaction which are decided by Executive Committee.
  6. Before one month of every Financial year, the Director shall submit the accounts of Income and Expenditure of next year and memorandum relating to annual action plan of the Pratisthan before the Executive Committee. If necessary he can revise the statement of Revenue & Expenditure and lay before the committee.
  7. After approval by the Executive Committee the Director shall lay the statement of accounts, expenditure & annual action plan before the General council in the first part of new Financial year for its approval.
  8. Director shall prepare the plan of programmes relating to Research, Training, teaching, publication and other academic work and shall execute it.
  9. He shall review all works relating to research.
  10. He shall recommend the names of the Educationist who will be invited as Hon’ble Teacher fellow by the Pratisthan.
  11. Whenever necessary he shall conduct the Examination and declare results.
  12. He shall select and appoint the employees of Pratisthan as per the recommendation of Executive Committee.
  13. He shall publish the annual report of the activities under taken by Pratisthan, Audit report and Audited statement of accounts of Pratisthan.
  14. He shall take necessary steps to implement the decisions of the Executive Committee.
  15. He shall have to maintain the properties and funds of the Pratisthan sincerely and profitably.

Legal duties of Director

  1. The Director can be sued and in turn can sue, any one on behalf of the Odia Bhasa Pratisthan. If there is any instruction direction from the Executive Body on the matter of exchange or transaction then the Director can represent the Pratisthan in the financial & legal business and he can sign on all relevant documents.
  2. All Records, Stamps and Seal shall be kept in his custody.

Programme Co-ordinator :

  1. He should implement projects, Programme Co-ordinator shall co-ordinate the project works and shall submit the proposal to initiate new projects. He shall Examine, Supervise and take adequate steps for completion of the Projects within the stipulated time.
  2. The Programme Co-ordinator should attend to assignments given by the Director.

Accounts-cum-Administrative Officer :
He/She will be responsible for office administration and financial management of Pratisthan. The Accounts-cum-Administrative Officer shall act as the D.D.O. of the Pratisthan. All financial transaction shall be made through the Accounts-cum-Administrative Officer.

Asst. Programme Co-ordinator :
He/She shall assist the Programme Co-ordinator for smooth implementation of various projects undertaken by the Pratisthan.

Office Superintendent :
Over all supervision of official work.

Senior Assistant :
He/She shall assist in different activities of the office.

Accountant :
He/She shall assist in all financial transaction and accounts matters.

Auditor :
He/She shall audit the Accounts of the Pratisthan.

Senior Steno :

Attached to the Director of the Pratisthan and act as per his direction for ministerial assistance.

Data Entry Operator :
Record keeping through data entry on Computer of the day to day information of the Pratisthan and retrieval of information as & when necessary.

Junior Librarian :
He/She shall manage the library in maintaining Catalogue, Stock Book & Issue Register of the library.

Junior Steno :
Attached to the Programme Co-ordinator & Administrative Officer to render necessary ministerial assistance.

Junior Assistant :
Assist in day-to-day work of the office.

Junior Typist :
All typing work.

Diarist :

Diary, Issue & Despatch of all letters of pratisthan

Peon :
One attached to Director, one attached to other officials and one attached to office along with postal Transaction and issue & despatch.

Peon-cum-watchman :
To safe guard the office property as night watchman .



A Library has established with all research facility and which is named after eminent scholar of Odia Language Late Gopal Chandra Praharaj.


Programme Advisory Committee :

This Committee is constituted by the approval of the executive committee in which the Director, Odia Bhasa Pratisthan acts as convenor.

a)    Projects :

The people of Odisha can submit detail proposals of the projects for development, Conservation and extension of Odia Language. Apart from this the programme Coordinator and the Asst. programme Coordinator can also submit proposal of projects on the above objects. The proposals shall be received and reviewed by the Programme Coordinator/Asst. Programme Co-ordinator and put up before the Director for his approval. Then the projects are placed before the programme advisory committee for scrutiny, analysis and necessary advice. Then the projects are placed before the executive committee for approval.

On approval, keeping in view the financial position of the Pratisthan steps be taken for the implementation of the projects. If necessary any projects can be initiated by the approval of the Director and later the same is to be placed before the executive committee for post facto approval. All decision of the executive committee shall be verified and approved by the general council of the Pratisthan.

b)    After detailing the projects, the Programme Coordinator and the Asst. Programme Coordinator recommend the name of experts in the field for that project to the Director for selection.

c)    At the time of the preparation of the project priority is given to the aims and objectives of the Pratisthan and due importance also be given to the objective of the project, Mode of action, Human resources required support service, Logistics required, Time frame, Financial implication, Out put and Utility of the project.

d)    After formation of committee of experts the project starts functioning, if the Chairman of the committee was not selected by the Director then the members of the committee shall nominate the Chairman of the project in the 1st meeting.

e)    The experts can actively take part in the activities of the project or can suggest the Pratisthan to take assistance from other experts / companions.

f)     Programme Coordinator and Asst. Programme Coordinators are in charge of different projects and shall try to complete the project in due time and within allotted funds with the help of experts and advisors to the projects.

g)    The estimate of expenditure is finalized at the time of preparation of the project. After the approval of the Executive Committee if any change is required in the budget of the project then re-approval of the Executive Committee is required.

h)    Regarding progress and completion of any project the experts committee is responsible to the Pratisthan, the Pratisthan is responsible to the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee is responsible to General Council of the Odia Bhasa Pratisthan.

Different records and documents :
  1. Files relating to projects.
  2. Files relating to Financial transaction.
  3. Administrative Files.
  4. Files relating to court / legal matter.
  5. Files relating to Right to Information.