Aims And Objectives

Odia Bhasa Pratisthan shall function as an Autonomous Organisation inorder to achieve the following objectives-

  1. To encourage the status of Odia Language to be used as official Language as per the provision of the Goverment of Orissa Act,1954.
  2. To encourage the use of Odia Language as the medium of instruction in education, administration and mass communication.
  3. To establish coordination with the different departments/ institutions, conduct re- search works and take up new projects excluding those which have already been taken up by  Odisa Sahitya Akademi and universities of the state.
  4. To take necessary steps to simplify Odia Language (OL) for coming generations picking up the current and appropriate words with a view to popularizing the language and its scripts and to enrich it in the light of new idioms and usages to prepare and produce specific low priced editions of grammar and dictionaries and circulate to the people through internet and website.
  5. To bring out revised editions of rare (ancient) books and circulate it.
  6. To prepare and publish the abridged editions of 20-25 classics like Odia Bhagabat constituting a Board of specialists and to bring it to the door steps of the Odia speaking population all over the world through internet and in course of time to bring out the low- priced-editions of those books to make it available to the people.
  7. To make Odia Bhasa Pratisthan useable in computer and to take up such programmes to establish coordination with OCAC.
  8. To take steps to promote odia Language and literature to the status of international level by organizing researches on its various dimensions.
  9. To prepare and produce books on Odia Language and script, grammar, linguistics and phonetics, dictionaries and encyclopedia to meet the requirement'
  10. To publish research journals on odia Language and Literature.
  11. To ensure scope to the native speakers of odia residing out of the state and the country to the use of language.
  12. To work as an advisory body in preparing documentary materials for education, administration and communication.
  13. To organise work-shops, conferences, symposia and other programmes on curriculum developments and refresher courses etc, for working teachers of schools, colleges and universalities.
  14. To seek co-operations of the secondary Board, Higher secondary Board Universities, TE and SCERT Language, script and literature.
  15. To felicitated, honour and award the eminent linguists and distinguished literatures such other registered organizations for development and communication of Odia.